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6th Global Summit and Expo on Pollution Control, will be organized around the theme “Ecological Practices for Pollution Prevention and Remediation”

Pollution Control Summit-2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Pollution Control Summit-2019

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Environmental Pollution is one of the most serious issues that we are confronting today is that of Environmental contamination, Environmental Pollution is an unfortunate change in the physical, chemical or natural qualities of air, water and soil that may destructively influence the life or make potential  wellbeing threat  of any living being. Natural Pollution is one the real difficulties looked by world today. Ecological contamination started because of expanding the quantity of industries and because of making hopeless harm to earth that is utilized for every day human needs. There are part of variables causing the ecological contamination like engine vehicles, industries and so on.

  • Track 1-1Environmental Factors
  • Track 1-2Environmental Ecosystem
  • Track 1-3Environmental Exposure
  • Track 1-4Environmental Hazards

Air pollution happens when characteristic and man-made substances blend noticeable all around we breathe. There are parcel of elements causing air contamination like power plants, Vehicle Emissions, Industries, Deforestation, Wood fires, Smoking, Natural procedures. Different wellsprings of air pollution can originate from inside structures, for example, second-hand smoke. At long last, air pollution can appear as ozone harming substances, for example, carbon dioxide or sulphur dioxide, which are warming the planet through the nursery impact. As per the EPA, the nursery impact is when gases assimilate the infrared radiation that is discharged from the Earth, keeping the warmth from getting away. This is a characteristic procedure that keeps our environment warm.

  • Track 2-1Air Pollution Health
  • Track 2-2Greenhouse Effect
  • Track 2-3 Gaseous Pollutants in Air
  • Track 2-4Air pollutant Gases

Industrial pollution is for the most part alluded to the bothersome result when industrial facilities emanates unsafe side-effects and waste into the earth, for example, outflows to air or water bodies (water contamination), statement on landfills and so forth (arrive contamination) or discharge of dangerous synthetic compounds into the environment (air contamination). Industrial pollution causes serious impacts on human wellbeing including bothering of eyes, throat and respiratory tract. Overwhelming metals may make harming body. With the happening to the Industrial Revolution, people could progress promote into the 21st century. Innovation grew quickly, science wound up cutting edge and the assembling age came into view. Prior, factories were little manufacturing plants that created smoke as the fundamental contamination. Main areas of your role as a learning disorder nurse Revolution.

  • Track 3-1Industrial Revolution
  • Track 3-2Soil Erosion
  • Track 3-3 Acid Rains
  • Track 3-4Industrial Waste Discharges

Marine pollution happens when destructive harmful substances went into seas and oceans. Marine toxin can be characterized as a harmful substance that taints the ocean. Basic Marine Pollutants are synthetic substances, little plastic dabs and lethal bio matter. Inland digging for copper, gold and so on is another wellspring of marine pollution. A large portion of the contamination is just soil, which winds up in streams streaming to the ocean. In any case, a few minerals released over the span of the mining can cause issues, for example, copper, a typical modern poison, which can meddle with the existence history and advancement of coral polyps. Dirtied overflow from streets and parkways can be a noteworthy wellspring of water pollution in coastal areas.


  • Track 4-1Water Pollution
  • Track 4-2Atmospheric Gases
  • Track 4-3 Ship Pollution
  • Track 4-4Deep Sea Mining

Solid waste is characterized as waste that is produced by organizations from a modern or assembling procedure or waste created from non-fabricating exercises that are overseen as a different waste stream. Harmful waste, substance squander, industrial solid waste and civil solid waste are assignments of strong waste. A dangerous waste is an uncommon sort of waste since it can't be discarded by basic means like other results of our regular day to day existences. This issue keep keeps on developing with the development of population and expanding number of industries. There are lot of strategies for solid waste management like open consuming; dumping into ocean, cremation, treating the soil, Hog encouraging, rescuing etc.

  • Track 5-1Hazardous waste Disposal
  • Track 5-2 Industrial Solid Waste
  • Track 5-3 Agricultural Waste
  • Track 5-4Non-hazardous waste
  • Track 5-5Muncipal Solid Waste

Waste management or Waste transfer is every one of the  activities required to oversee waste from its initiation to its last transfer. Exceptionally one of us has an imperative task to carry out in diminishing the amount of waste covered in landfills. Arranging waste with the end goal to reuse or compost it are proficient intends to decrease refuse. Probably the most broad, generally utilized ideas incorporate Waste progressive system, Life-cycle of a Product, Resource productivity and so forth. The administration of waste is a key segment in a business' capacity to keeping up ISO14001 accreditation. Organizations are urged to enhance their natural efficiencies every year by wiping out waste through asset recuperation rehearses, which are maintainability related activities.


  • Track 6-1Biological Waste Processing
  • Track 6-2Innovative Strategies for Waste Separation and Disposal
  • Track 6-3Recovery and Recycle
  • Track 6-4 Reduction Methods

The industries everywhere throughout the world that brought success and abundance, made advances in the biosphere and exasperates the natural adjusts. The inappropriate transfers of modern squanders are the wellsprings of soil and water pollution. chemical waste coming about because of industry can dirty lakes, streams and oceans and soil as well and also discharging exhaust. Among other contamination sources, agribusiness (domesticated animals cultivating) merits specifying as the biggest generator of smelling salts outflows bringing about air pollution. Private division is another critical wellspring of contamination creating strong metropolitan waste that may wind up in landfills or incinerators prompting soil sullying and air pollution. Development of a culture that supports risk-taking, creativity, and excellence.

  • Track 7-1Forms of Pollution
  • Track 7-2Agricultural Fertilizer waste
  • Track 7-3 Solid Muncipal Waste
  • Track 7-4 Corrosion

The different advances which control the contamination are laser techniques, chemical strategies, nanotechnology etc. The Pollution Control equipment can diminish outflows by cleaning deplete and messy air. The different control hardware are sack houses or texture channels, safeguards, electrostatic precipitators, reactant oxidizers and so on. The utilization of sensors in the control of contamination has turned into a wide range application. Sensors recognize the contamination in the particular region where it is put and powers over yonder. Process alteration is a famous strategy to control air contamination. Real endeavors are in progress in all businesses to alter procedures to decrease contamination.


  • Track 8-1Pollution control Equipments
  • Track 8-2 Particulate Control Systems
  • Track 8-3 Reduction of Harmful Gas Emissions
  • Track 8-4 Pollution Detecting Sensors

Bioenergy is the vitality began from materials got from natural sources. Bioenergy makes from numerous characteristic assets like plants, creatures and their side-effects. Bioenergy was outstanding couple of years back. Biofuels can be gotten from farming harvests, regular nourishment plants or from exceptional vitality crops. It assumes an essential job in many creating nations, where it gives fundamental vitality to cooking and space warming, however frequently at the cost of extreme wellbeing and natural effects. Be that as it may, revelations of tremendous oil stores kept gas and diesel shoddy for quite a long time, and biofuels were generally overlooked. Fuel and diesel are really old biofuels. Be that as it may, they are known as petroleum derivatives since they are produced using deteriorated plants and creatures that have been covered in the ground for many years. Biofuels are comparative, with the exception of that they're produced using plants developed today.


  • Track 9-1Green Energy
  • Track 9-2 Biomass and Biofuels
  • Track 9-3 Renewable Energy
  • Track 9-4Biomass Conversion

Environment sustainability is an around the world, multidisciplinary which covers all perspectives of the basic effects of financial arranging progression. Worried about the unpredictable connections among improvement and condition, its reason is to see for ways and infers for completing maintainability in every human movement went for such progression. It other than spreads the current and making issues in mastermind to advance wrangle about and widen the comprehension of trademark difficulties as in a general sense to fair and kept up money related enhancement. Sustainability issues are for the most part communicated in logical and ecological terms, and also in moral terms of stewardship, yet executing change is a social test that involves, in addition to other things, global and national law, urban arranging and transport, neighbourhood and individual ways of life and moral industrialism.


  • Track 10-1Sustainability
  • Track 10-2 Environmental Management
  • Track 10-3 Ecosystem
  • Track 10-4 Ecology
  • Track 10-5Carbon Discharges

Pollution can make serious unfriendly impacts condition Pollution builds the danger of respiratory and heart illnesses. At the point when People are being presented to more destructive UV beams that have expanded the event of malignancy among individuals. Pollution cause medical issues including expanded respiratory manifestations, for example, disturbance of the aviation routes, hacking or trouble breathing, diminished lung work, exasperated asthma, advancement of perpetual respiratory sickness in kids, improvement of unending bronchitis or incessant obstructive lung illness, sporadic heartbeat, nonfatal heart assaults, sudden passing in individuals with heart or lung malady, including demise from lung disease. Ground-level ozone achieves its most abnormal amount amid the evening and early night hours.


  • Track 11-1 Respiratory Disorders due to Pollutants
  • Track 11-2Cancer
  • Track 11-3Human Health

All populations will be affected by environmental change, however a couple are more defenseless than others. People living in little island creating states and other beach front regions, megacities, and hilly and polar areas are particularly defenseless. Environmental change is the adjustment in normal climate condition. It is for the most part caused by the factor, for example, biotic process variety in sunlight based radiation, volcanic emission. Certain human activities have been recognized as an essential cause of environmental change.


  • Track 12-1Climatalogy
  • Track 12-2 Adaption of Climate Change
  • Track 12-3 Climate Solutions
  • Track 12-4 Climatic Hazards
  • Track 12-5 Risks of Climate Change

Global Warming which is additionally referred to as environmental change, is the watched ascend in the normal temperature of the Earth's atmosphere framework the worldwide surface temperature. Future environmental change and effects will contrast from locale to district. Expected impacts incorporate increment in worldwide temperatures, rising ocean levels, evolving precipitation, and extension of deserts. Since the industrial revolution human activities have altogether improved the reason for ozone harming substances causing the ascent of earth normal temperature. So a dangerous atmospheric deviation antagonistically influences numerous spots the world over. It's expanding the softening of ice sheets, icy mass which is causing normal ascent in ocean level.

  • Track 13-1Global Warming Effects
  • Track 13-2 Green House Effect
  • Track 13-3 Carbon Cycle
  • Track 13-4Atmospheric Pollution

Noise pollution, otherwise called environmental noise or sound pollution, is the engendering of commotion with hurtful effect on the action of human or creature life. The wellspring of open air commotion worldwide is mostly caused by machines, transport and transportation frameworks. Poor urban arranging may offer ascent to commotion contamination, next to each other mechanical and private structures can result in clamor contamination in the neighborhoods. High commotion levels can add to cardiovascular impacts in people and an expanded rate of coronary vein ailment. In creatures, commotion can expand the danger of death by adjusting predator or prey discovery and evasion, meddle with multiplication and route, and add to changeless hearing misfortune. While the elderly may have cardiovascular issues because of commotion, as indicated by the World Health Organization, children’s are particularly helpless against noise, and the effects that noise has on children may be permanent.

  • Track 14-1Noise Pressure
  • Track 14-2 Noise Exposure
  • Track 14-3 Sound Pollutants

Renewable Energy normally originates from the common assets. The vitality assets are sustainable and may be normally renewed. Renewable Energy uses vitality sources that are immediately reachable wherever the planet together with in country and remote territories. Sustainable power source is vitality that is created from common procedures that are constantly renewed. It is a type of vitality that take care of  the present demand of vitality without placing them in peril of getting lapsed or exhausted and can be utilized again and again. There are numerous types of sustainable power sources that can be consolidated by nations to stop the utilization of petroleum derivatives. Sustainable power source does exclude any sources that are gotten from non-renewable energy sources or waste items. This vitality is renew capable and encourages us to diminish ozone depleting substance discharges.


  • Track 15-1Renewable Sources
  • Track 15-2 Green Energy Sources and Benefits
  • Track 15-3 Energy Storage
  • Track 15-4 Geothermal Energy
  • Track 15-5 Solar Thermal Sources and Applications

Water pollution is caused due to release of waste water from industrial and commercial squander into surface waters; untreated release of residential sewage, synthetic compounds into streaming surface waters and transfer of waste and filtering into ground water; eutrophication. The different techniques for tainting of wastewater require an assortment of procedures to evacuate the sullying. Water contamination consequences for person which prompts a few illnesses by devouring drinking dirtied water, washing or showering in contaminated water, breathing the vapors from dirtied water, expending contaminated sustenance. Water contamination now and then may causes sudden death.


  • Track 16-1Waste Water Treatment
  • Track 16-2 Water Flouridation
  • Track 16-3 Water Purifation Techniques
  • Track 16-4Quality of Water